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When we make a financial investment, whether that investment is in stocks, shares or property, it is, more often than not, about creating a personal horizon – a place where we want to be financially at some point in our future.

Imagine, then, if you will, a horizon of clear blues seas and cloudless skies punctuated by the comfort of a luxury home. This horizon, however, is not just a blend of natural beauty and architectural splendor; it is a vision of paradise where dreams of financial security can be realized.

At Seaside Azure Residence, we understand the need for excellence. It is the reason why our properties are built to exacting standards. We know from our experience of building quality homes that excellence is the doorway to a sustainable return on investment.

Properties with spectacular views of the sea, cupped on one side by a breathtaking landscape, and Famagusta golden sand beaches, on the other, command premium rental prices. And so it is with Seaside Azure Residence, where every sunrise promises a golden future for investors looking to add a glittering home to their rental property portfolio.

Unlike some property developments within the Mediterranean region, properties in Cyprus demonstrate remarkable robustness against economic instability. In short, Cyprus property rentals have shown year on year growth despite the recent economic downturn which has affected other countries in the region.

A combination of prime location, modern infrastructure, natural beauty and building excellence lends real intrinsic value to a Seaside Azure Residence. At Seaside Azure Residence we are creating a horizon where quality and return on investment are assured.

But as with all things in life, our existence is not solely dependent upon the wheels of commerce. Indeed, much of life’s driving force stems from our desire to live in harmony with our surroundings.

The gentle sea breeze that kisses our furrowed brow or the lapping of sea waves against sandy shores is nature’s way of reminding us that we belong to a world filled with wonder and awe.

In your Seaside Azure Residence home, you will wake to shafts of golden sunlight flickering through the dawn of another day on the Island of Love and Beauty. Sunrise breaches the horizon, and a waft of sea air will beckon you to wake from your slumber to once more partake of nature’s bounty. And oh what a generous bounty it is too.

Your opulent surroundings, a short distance from the vibrant Famagusta shore, are not merely made up of bricks and mortar. On the contrary, the entire fabric of your new home is a unique marriage of locally inspired elegance set against the natural beauty of Cyprus’ ecosystem.

From the effortless flight of seabirds riding the warm thermals of the ocean to sea turtles emerging from the gentle caress of the Mediterranean to nest safely in the silky sands of Aphrodite’s glory, it is hard not to think of a Seaside Azure Residence as a worthy home for the most romantic of souls.

To walk amongst the natural beauty and heritage of Cyprus is a privilege, but to call Cyprus your home is an opportunity that is heaven sent. At Seaside Azure Residence, we offer you the chance to experience the tranquil dream of living in paradise while staying connected to the rest of the world.

Properties In This Project

Kapparis Famagusta
3 3
€490,000+ VAT Price in euros
Kapparis Famagusta
4 3
€570,000+ VAT Price in euros
Kapparis Famagusta
3 3
€540,000+ VAT Price in euros
Kapparis Famagusta
3 3
€510,000+ VAT Price in euros